A downloadable Mim for Windows

Mim is a 2D adventure platformer game where a young lost seedling journeys through a dark, mystical underground world to find her mother. It takes place under a grove of mimosa trees, the Undergrove, precariously existing at the very edge of the human world.

With the use of the the magical light of Mim’s first leaves, the player guides Mim to dispel Rypoi, spirits that lurk in the darkness. But, the player also helps by hiding mim from the hidden dangers, the Scarlet Roots, that are drawn to the light. Therefore, the player needs to balance their usage of light from the power of the first leaf as they dive deeper in The Undergrove.


W & S - Climb up and down
A & D - Move left or right 
Space - Jump
Hold Left Mouse Button - Turn off Light


Mim (Prototype) - Windows 198 MB